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Our Christmas Star – Sara Dj Sadako Camacho

What is The Christmas Star?

When we started our Give Hope & Help program, we wanted to offer hope, help, motivation, inspiration and show appreciation to those in the our community. One thing we didn’t anticipate is the outpouring of support and people who wanted to get involved to also Give Help & Hope. For that reason we created the Christmas Star program. 

For The Christmas Star, my team and I select one person from all of the nominations we have received from any of the three programs we offer  (Thanks For Giving ThanksGIVING Giveaway, Secret Santa Giveaway and the Give Hope & Help Scholarship


I'd like to introduce you to Sara

Ryan Alexander Give Hope & Help Christmas Star

Can a star shine any brighter?

Sara came to our attention through a man named Mike whom owns a business called The Vinyl Dude in downtown Las Vegas. In an unlikely twist, she was nominated for the Thanks for giving thanksgiving giveaway, however she nominated her mother as well saying:

“I want to nominate my mother because she’s my mom And I think she’s important and she takes me to my appointments. And I love her.”

You may think to yourself, yea that’s nice but all kids love their parents? You’re right, they do, but there is more. Recently, Sara has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (a rare bone cancer) after she discovered a mass on her ribcage. She has been extraordinarily strong throughout this process, and even more now, as she is halfway through her chemo and radiation treatments. She continues to stay positive and shows her bravery with each trip to the clinic. 


She's been making people smile for a while

Certainly cooler than me when I was 6. Sara (Sadako) she has been making people smile and move around in Las Vegas for years. Keep in mind, she’s 10 now. It think the best part of the Las Vegas review Journal’s story is the optimism you can see written all over Sara’s face. We definitely feel fortunate to be able to share the story and help make Sara feel like a Christmas star.

Here is how you can help

Essentially we’d like Sara to feel as special as she makes everyone else feel. At the end of the day she is still a 10 year old girl who is absolutely going through it and could use love, support and the good vibes of others right now. So if we could get her things a 10 year old girl would like that would be amazing, and make her feel amazing as well.

Size 10 clothes, size 5 womens shoe, she loves legos, comics, drawing, and skateboarding. She is a vinyl Dj and spins 45records too (when she’s not doing chemo) 

You can mail or bring donations for Sara to my office at 3017 West Charleston Boulevard, Suite 10 Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 from 8am to 5pm Mon – Fri. On the 23rd at 5PM we will be closing so no longer able to accept gifts for her. If you want to send digital items you can upload them using this upload option below.

Just Some Holiday CheerWill Do!