I Really Just Want To Thank You!

So many people got involved with this Thanksgiving Giveaway. My heart was warmed from all of the stories you have shared. I certainly hope you have a safe and happy holidays. 

Please keep your eyes out for our future programs that are meant to inspire Hope & Help.


Here is the 2021 Give Hope & Help Thanks for Giving ThanksGIVING recipient list

Ms. Lauren Boelens - Jayden Jimaii - Attorney Ryan Alexander

Ms.Lauren Boelens – nominated by Jayden Jimaii


Ms. Boelens is a first grade teacher at Clarence Piggot Elementary School as was nominated by Jayden Jimaii.

“She is my favorite teacher. She helped me understand what we were learning. Also because she is the nicest teacher of them all. She made me feel comfortable and esspressive. I like her because she is nice all these years even after she doesn’t teach me any more.”

Lisa Anderson - Abogado Accidente Ryan Alexander

Lisa Anderson – self nominated


I’m nominating myself because I’m a single parent with two children. Life has been tough because I have raised my kids without their father for several years whom passed away. COVID has really hit us hard this year but we are all managing taking life one day at a time. It’s been really tough because we’re without a home staying with family but it’s been difficult living outta of a suitcase and not sleeping in our own rooms or having our own place. I work hard daily just to provide for my family. Thank you and God Bless.

Abogado Accidente Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Krysten Humphreys- nominated by Rebecca Chapman


Krysten is my niece and my best friend. She checks on me daily and I’m disabled and she is ALWAYS there for me. She does my errands and cleans for me on her own. She has 2 jobs and is only 24 she is struggling but she is making a life for herself.

Carmella Randazzo- Abogado Accidente Vegas Ryan Alexander

Carmella Randazzo- nominated by Teresa


Carmella is my little sister and she’s an amazing single mom to 4 boys. She works tirelessly in the medical field and she is always kind and caring.

Antoinette Alderman - Abogado Accidente Vegas Ryan Alexander

Antoinette Alderman – self nominated


Does everything for her family friends and grandchildren sacrifices for everyone has a kind heart

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Destiny Reeves – nominated by Cynthia Fraga


My daughter is a loving Mother who does so much for her kids. Her family could use a bit of kindness right now.

Abogado Accidente Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Jan carlo Escobar – nominated by America Farias


I am thankful for my husband(Jancarlo Escobar). This man has stuck by me through many health problem. I was diagnosed with RA and struggled many years with non movement he has helped me shower and has been the bread winner for many years taking the responsibility of 3 childern one with down syndrome that werent not biologically his. He is a hard working person that loves his family. Every day I thank god I met him.

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Caryn Minkossky – nominated by Tiffani Minkowsky


I would love to nominate my mom Caryn. She is amazing and so strong. We lost my dad to cancer in February 2020 and it has been so tough. The holidays haven’t been the same. Any stress relief i could take from her would be great. She could use this money as we live on survivor benefits. I hope she wins. If is me (17) my sister (24) and my brother (10). Thank you so much.

Mrs. Christina Lunt - Jace Jimaii - Ryan Alexander

Ms. Christina Lunt – nominated by Jace Jimaii


Ms. Lunt was my 3rd grade teacher. She was inspirational and helped me through school during a rough time. Along with that I nominate her because of her drive and unmatched passion for teaching.

Melisa Wells - Abogado Accidente Vegas- Ryan Alexander

Melissa Wells – nominated by herself


I would like to nominate my self for holding down everything on my own. with the little I bring home monthly.winner gets a gift card for dinner for Thanksgiving that’s a blessing and less stress on whom ever wins. Very kind of your firm to help someone who is needing help.. thank you and God bless

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Mark Anthony – nominated by Denay Anthony


He has suffered 2 heart attacks, a stroke, quadruple bypass and Covid all during this Pandemic. His insurance expired due to not enough hours to cover his sick leave.In spite of it all,  he never complained and put his family first. I know this will help him take off some of that pressure that he seems to hide. Thank you for your consideration.

Paul Basset - Abogado Accidente Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Paul Bassett – nominated by Kristine Bassett


Paul my husband and a school teacher. He works so hard for our family so that I am able to stay home and care for our two young children. Even though he works all day, he still finds time to entertain our girls and be the best dad/husband we could ask for. His selfless acts don’t go unnoticed and we appreciate him so much

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Sheila Mendoza – nominated by Tina Mendoza


My mom is 71 years old and she has taken on a quest to help her great grandkids to get them up and ready for school and then walk them to their school and turn around and pick them up. She uses a walker to walk down the street , all so they wouldn’t have to go to safekey where the teachers were destroying their self esteem and bullying them. She is amazing and more than just a great grandma.

Abogado Accidente Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Richard Hampt – nominated by Angela Hampt


My son Richard is a combat-wounded US Marine. His HUMVEE was blown up in Iraq, and although he was paralyzed from the waist down at that time, he used a gun to drag himself along and check on his brothers. Due to a paperwork slip up he never received the Purple Heart he so deeply deserved.
Even though he struggles each day with pain he cares for his wife and daughters faithfully and lovingly.

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Timothy Beaudry – nominated by Debbie Beaudry


My son Tim was a member of the Old Guard on 9/11. He and his unit did recovery of the Pentagon on that day. Tim was also a mental health technician in Iraq. Tim obtained his Masters at UNLV in social work while working full time as a Lead TSA McCarran graduating with honors During the pandemic Tim worked from home counseling as a clinically social worker. Tim is modest kind and intelligent helping so many people by listening and caring I am a proud Mom

Elizabeth Cardenas - Abogado Accidente Vegas- Ryan Alexander

Elizabeth Cardenas – nominated by Kathleen Moreda


She’s a single mom of four who lost her job at Bally’s when the restaurant that she worked at did not survive the pandemic She struggles with Graves’ disease has recently found a new job but are not providing enough hours this would be a true blessing and your generosity would not go unnoticed thank you for this opportunity and all that you do for our community God bless you all

Abogado Accidente Vegas Ryan Las

Arlonda Chambers – nominated by Aihonna Hinton

Arlonda is an extremely loving mother who is battling cancer, she also lost her brother during the beginning covid-19 pandemic last year. Through it all she has remained positive, happy, and pressing towards her recovery. I have seen her lift people up when even she is down, and she manages to always give even when she does not have. She is an absolutely amazing mother, daughter, grand mother and friend. She deserves this!!

Abogado Accidente Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Mike Joseph – nominated by Travis


They are older and need some extra financial help, so extra turkey would be good for them. I’ll prob cook it for them, or they would just have me donate it if they decide against it. Mike and his wife Eileen, 75/76 years young.

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Karen Paris – nominated by Carla Patton


This is my mom, she had always loved me unconditionally and supported me throughout my life. She has struggled with so many medical problems the past few years, it truly breaks my heart. I just want to show her some extra love however I can.

Abogado Accidente Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Hermelo Luis Zarate – nominated by Viri Cruz


I nominate this person because he has been my only supporter during the good and bad times. Also thanksgiving dinner could not be done without him.

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Margo Bush – nominated by Delicia Coupe


Margo has had a difficult year. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer this summer. She is a single mom to her amazing daughter Macie. Margo was a nurse, and tended to the October 1st victims. She has been unable to work since her diagnosis. Unemployment has been slow to come, and has been surviving off of other’s kindness. In Margo words,(and humor)”I guess I’m meant to have the full life experience, including poverty!”

Kirsten Cram - Abogado Accidente Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Kirsten Cram – nominated by Emily Alexander


Kirsten works with refugees who have newly arrived in Las Vegas and helps them get settled. She is so giving and loving, and this giftcard can help her further help a family in need.

Bree Sharp - Abogado Accidente Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Faith Gradney – nominated by Brianna Sharp


Faith is my sister in law. She is a hard working, dedicated mother and woman. She faces the same struggles as all new moms, but keeps a smile on her face and a light heart. To me, she is deserving of this donation just as a reminder all her hard work is not unseen and she is needed and loved.

Sheila Hopson - Abogado Accidente Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Sheila Hopson – nominated by Fredrice Jones


Hello today I would like to nominate my nurse Sheila who has been helping me with my recovery here at the hospital.She helps me with my homework and helps feed and change me she is caring and loving like a mother I would give her the world if I could the most amazing person in my world I hate that when I get better I will have to leave here and miss being cared for By my angel.

Abogado Accidente de Las Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Misty Avila – nominated by herself


She is self employed, doing really well until pandemic, has had to move twice during the pandemic due to landlord harassment, not knowing her rights she moved using every bit of savings she had. Now nothing left for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Sadako Camacho - abogado Accidente Vegas - Ryan Alexander

Nicole Camacho – nominated by Sadako Camacho


Because she’s my mom And I think she’s important and she takes me to my appointments. And I love her